Frequently Asked Questions

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How is your flooring packaged?

Our 3/4” Solid Hardwood Flooring – 2 1/4”, 3 1/4” & 5” widths comes 20 sqft. per box. 4” is packaged 18 sqft. per box.

Camden Collection 1/2” Engineered – 25 sqft. per box

Freeport Collection 1/2” Engineered – 29.25 sqft. per box

Can I purchase directly from Maine Traditions?

Our products are sold through an established dealer network to give consumers the best purchasing experience. Our dealers are staffed with knowledgeable sales associates to help guide through the entire sales process.

What is the difference between Pro Series and Coastal Grade?

Our Pro Series comes with 1 less layer of finish giving it a 15 Year Residential warranty vs. 50 Year Warranty on our Coastal Grade. The Grade on the Pro Series is a blend between our Premium and Coastal. Slightly cleaner than Coastal Grade.

Can I purchase stain for matching stair treads, moldings, etc.?

We sell coordinating stain to match our products through this link Purchase Stain

How long should I acclimate my floor?

We require a minimum of 72 hours acclimation in the room prior to installation. Temperature and humidity should be as stable as possible during acclimation. Reference our Installation Instructions for more detail.

How to Care for my new floor?

A complete guide to our Care & Maintenance recommendations can be found Here. We recommend the Maine Traditions brand of Cleaning Solution paired with a Micro Fiber mop/cloth. Our Cleaning Solution can be purchased Here. Every bottle ships with a Micro Fiber cloth. Never use a Steam Mop, Water/Vinegar solutions, bleach, wax, or oil based soaps to clean your hardwood floor.

There are no Maine Traditions Dealers in my area?

Contact Us. 315-870-3150. Our office will put you in touch with a representative to discuss options.

I’d like to Become a Maine Traditions Dealer?

Contact Us. 315-870-3150. Our office will put you in touch with a representative to discuss options.

I believe there is something wrong with my floor. How do I file a Claim?

If you believe there is something wrong with your Maine Traditions hardwood floor, please contact the store in which you purchased the floor from. They will need to file a claim through our distributor partner.

Is Maine Traditions made in Maine?

Maine Traditions has grown over the years. Currently our milling is done in both Solon, Maine and Syracuse, New York.

Our flooring is finished in Syracuse, New York. We are 100% vertically integrated.

Can I purchase Unfinished Flooring?

We only offer Prefinished Flooring for sale under the Maine Traditions brand. Both parent mills; Kennebec Lumber & Premier Hardwood Products sell Unfinished Flooring products.

Is there a volume discount on Stain purchases?

For orders of color coordinating water based Stain over 8 Pints, use code VOLUME for a 5% discount applied at checkout. This same code can be applied to Gallon Stain Orders. We do offer a program for retailers interested in stocking these products. Contact Us for more information.

I purchased a Maine Traditions Hardwood Floor but don’t see the product listed on the website?

We are constantly improving our product line up and do make several line changes throughout a year.

What is your return policy?

Maine Traditions is sold through a strategic Flooring dealer network. Each store has their own return policy. If you are looking to return product please contact the store in which you purchased from.

Does Maine Traditions sell Touch Up Markers?

Touch Up Markers are available for purchase via this Link. These markers are ideal for concealing small finish imperfections.