50* Year Residential Warranty

It is imperative that the buyer and installer inspect all flooring before permanent installation.  Claims must be filed by the initial buyer.  Proof of purchase and original receipt will be required.  Maine Traditions Hardwood Flooring reserves the right to inspect and remove samples for analysis within 30 days of receipt of written claim.  Warranty is limited to the repair of the damage or replacement of the material as seen applicable by Maine Traditions Hardwood Flooring.  No retailer, installer, agent or employee of Maine Traditions may, in any way, alter or increase the terms or limitations of this warranty. This warranty is non-transferable and applies exclusively to Maine Traditions Hardwood Flooring by WW Flooring Group.

Warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product and is non-transferable. In order to benefit from warranty coverage, the original purchaser must provide an invoice or similar proof of purchase, properly completed claim form, samples showing defects in material, and labels from boxes showing lot numbers.  In the event of substantial disagreement, the Manufacturer reserves the right to designate a third party inspector to settle the claim.  The third party inspector is to be agreed to by both parties.  Both parties agree to manage all borderline claims smoothly, on the basis of common sense, in order to expedite the best solution for all involved.

This Maine Traditions Hardwood Flooring Residential Warranty does not cover:

• Improper handling and/or storage

• Improper installation

• Improper or insufficient maintenance

• Uses other than residential

• Abnormal abuse or wear

• Excessive moisture

• Damages due to pets

• Natural disasters and/or weather conditions

CONDITIONS OF WARRANTY – Labor is not covered in the warranty.  The manufacturer guarantees the milling and the finishing for 50* years on nailed or stapled flooring on plywood or comparable industry approved sub-flooring only .  In order to get the benefits of the warranty, the purchaser must comply with the maintenance instructions found on every box and follow the preventive measures indicated below.

FLOORING INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE – The dealer/installer and the homeowner should view the flooring together before the start of installation to assure that the product delivered as the homeowner expected in terms of species, grade, width, gloss and stain color.  The installer must examine each board before installing it.  Any board installed (nailed or glued) will be considered acceptable by the installer and/or owner.  Any boards installed cannot be claimed under the warranty for defects or classification errors.  If there is a fault with the grade of wood, its structural quality or finish, do not proceed with the installation and contact the distributor immediately.  If installed over radiant heating systems, the initial installation and the ongoing operation of the heating system must comply with National Hardwood Flooring Association standards.  It is recommended that you use only specified pre-finished hardwood flooring cleaner, any other cleaner may dull or damage the finish and render the warranty null and void.  

OWNERS’ RESPONSIBILITIES – Moisture is the worst thing for your new floor.  It is recommended that the relative humidity in the house is between 30% to 50% at the time of installation and throughout the life of the floor.  You should not pour water or any other liquid directly on the floor, nor should you use abrasive cleaners.  Wipe any spills immediately.  Spiked heels will damage the floor.  Removing your shoes is recommended.  Use felt protectors on the legs of your furniture to protect from scratches and indentations.  Area rugs are also recommended in high traffic areas.  In the event of a claim, it is the owners’ responsibility to know and have the following information:  humidity level inside the house, ambient air temperature, moisture content of the wood and the sub-floor, width of the board (measure of 20 boards installed), installation evaluation (e.g. space along the wall, square of the room, presence of animals, type of driveway (gravel, sand), nailed, stapled, or glued, nailing distance on each board with metal detector reading, date of purchase and installation, age of house, house occupants, photos if possible.

STRUCTURAL DEFECTS – This warranty covers structural defects in boards, ensuring that boards are free from shaping and manufacturing defects and classification errors.  Warranty also covers flaws in the application of stain and finish.  A 5% margin of error is an accepted industry standard and is our standard.  Grading errors and defects affecting 5% or less will not be considered as a defect within the warranty.  Once installed, structural defects are no longer subject to warranty coverage.

WEAR – Maine Traditions Hardwood Flooring guarantees the finish on the boards for wear-through, flaking, or peeling for 50* years effective on the date of purchase. Rustic grade items and items sold “as is” are not covered.

RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY – Warranty is on pre-finished flooring sold and installed for residential use only. Ask for details on our 5-year light commercial limited warranty. 

*Maine Traditions Hardwood Flooring Pro Series is protected by a 15 Year Residential Warranty.

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